My head is spinning. I see a fog of light in the distance. But something about it doesn’t seem like light. It’s more like darkness, looking for something happier, more expressive to fill its place. I slowly walk over to the source of intrigue. Though the rain has just ceased to fall, there are still remnants of wet on my clothes and hair.

I blink repeatedly and strain my eyes to see clearly, but all I see is mist, forming at the ground and ending just below the roof of the tunnel. It’s almost as if the area is polluted with lost dreams and empty promises. No one should witness this. Ever. It’s too tragic a reality. My only thought is to run. I want to run towards the mist and see what’s on the other side. My mind is telling me that I shouldn’t, but something compels me to step forward. As my feet make their way across the cold, wet ground, I can hear them making a sloshing sound against the water.

I hear something stirring behind me and, peering over my shoulder, I spot a pair of golden eyes looking back at me, through a crack in the wall, not too far from where I was standing a matter of seconds ago. Funny, isn’t it? How time and perspective can change everything in just a few moments…

The mysterious creature continues to stare at me, and not wanting to startle it with sudden motion, I simply stare back. There is something peaceful and somewhat enlightening about it. Even though I don’t know the owner of these captivating sight-bringers, I feel as though I do.

Finally, I walk closer. I step through the fog and try my best to expand the crack; thankfully, the wall is pretty flimsy, and with a great deal of exertion, I am able to form a slightly larger opening, big enough to fit me, if I walk sideways. When I step through, the owner of the enchantingly bright, golden eyes is gone, and I stand in its place.

Too bad; I would have liked to meet a real live person. After all, there is no way for me to know if they all look the same as me, as I am the only human I’ve ever seen. What if no one in this world — universe — looks exactly like me? What an interesting world that would be.

I step back through the newly formed opening, and something in the corner catches my eye.

This time, as I walk towards the pair of glowing lights, shining like two identical stars (if there is such a thing), I am careful not to let my gaze wander, afraid that if it does, I will miss something again.

I step closer…closer…closer…until I’m face to face with it. An empty shadow of golden light.

And suddenly, i know why it’s here. It wants me to step into it; to be the something to take its place. And so I do.

No more lost dreams. No more empty promises. Just me and my golden eyes. I have set myself free.



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