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i can see it in your face.

in the way you speak to those you love,

those you hate.

i can see it in the way you act.

you think you’re so misunderstood.

you’re not.

i understand you better than you think.

and i know how hard it must be

to live,


you shield yourself from the whole world

because no one would love you

if they knew who you really were.

i know what you see through the glass

when you look in the mirror.

something i know you don’t like to do

because hiding from yourself

makes you feel safe.

and when darkness surrounds you,

welcomes you,

makes you feel whole again,

what’s the point in finding light?

what if everything i’m able to see in you

is all that you want me to see?

because no one can ever find out

your deepest, darkest secrets.

but maybe they’re not as deep and dark

as they seem.

(i promise you,

this won’t last forever.)



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