One cloud after another

fills our sky

day after day,

promising a new storm

when we are still cleaning up the wreckage

from the last.

But there’s something beautiful

in the collective,

isn’t there?

And there’s something beautiful

in the fact that we don’t have to endure

even close to the worst of it.

The spectator’s seat is stressful

and overwhelming,

but we are shielded from the extent of the pain.

The sky above us is dim and dreary,

but at least it’s there,

and we have the privilege of watching it together.


All the lives we lead,

all the memories we bleed,

are just different shades of the same

burning red.

Identical everyday habits

that define each and every one of us,

like a classic red that cannot be labeled.

Identical mistakes that we can either

fix or ignore,

like a…

Everything passes.

A phrase offered to the sufferer

as a gentle hand of comfort —

a soothing reminder

that this moment is not forever,

that whatever pain you’re enduring

is as fleeting as a road sign on a long highway.

It’s merely one moment in time,

and we move past…

We tend to get overwhelmed by the big picture, and the more ambitious our goals seem, the easier it is to fall into this trap. But if we focus on contributing to our purpose a little bit each day, the final product will form in its own time.

We all…


The word “uncertainty” has been a favorite in the last couple of months. The confusion and shock and fear and morbid curiosity all bundled into one word. It bears a heavy burden, that word. The truth is, there’s always uncertainty. None of us knows that we will be here tomorrow…

Argue less, listen more.

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Quality conversation is crucial to not only social movements like Black Lives Matter, but also to every political endeavor, to maintaining healthy relationships, and to the human experience as a whole. However, many of these conversations prove to be ineffective, especially in our current hyper-politicized society. …


They say communication is the key

to all healthy relationships,

and I agree.

How is it possible

that people can speak so easily and freely

without ever really communicating?

If you were familiar with my troubles,

and I with yours,

would we still be having this problem?

Or would you sympathize

instead of turning your back?

We continually hurt each other

without realizing it.

And then we go our separate ways

and hope for the entire problem to resolve itself.

But it won’t.

(Please tell me how you feel,

and I promise I’ll listen.)

January 2017

We repeatedly welcome new lives into our hearts, without so much as a whisper of a warning as to the inevitable chaos and wonder that will ensue. We fall into our memories of the past, before all the heartache and stress that we we now call daily life. We look to the future, when our dreams will finally have come true, and we’ll be living the lives we’ve always wanted. But so rarely do we remind ourselves to examine our lives in the present — minute by minute, day by day. To sit with ourselves in this moment and witness the beauty of our struggles. To remember that there is so much strength to be found in pain, there is so much perspective to be gained through loss, and there is so much love to be found in this world, if we only care enough to look.


Resting your head on the shoulder

of hope itself,

inviting it to greet you with open arms,

to gratify your longing with a congenial presence

that up to this point you’ve scarcely encountered.

This is the measure of an open heart.

Desperately seeking to distinguish the authenticity

from the misplaced sympathy

and from the rare but honest empathy.

Finding solace in shared sorrow,

even of a lesser or incomparable degree,

just to know that you’re not entirely alone.

This is the measure of a trying heart.

Folding your hands together so tight

that your knuckles turn white

and keeping them clasped

well into the night,

clinging to the

comfort that such a simple gesture brings.

This is the measure of a praying heart.

Claire McMahon

NY | Psychology student | Currently working on a novel called On the Way Back.

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